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Entering The Ark
through the north eastern vestibule of the church, you are greeted with an eclectic mix of essential and carefully chosen items curated to welcome and entice. A church pew adorned with handmade soft furnishings enables you to sit and read our Welcome Package, feel the afternoon breeze or absorb the morning sun. A restored coat rack provides the perfect place to hang clothing or accessories as you enter the church.

The Ark Coolamon Shunter

Erte’s French Art Nouveau candelabras and German WW2 compass invite curiosity. Walk through the intimate vestibule and original Gothic arched doors, lovingly restored by Philip, to enter an open living space of generous proportions. Symmetry prevails with leadlight windows on three walls. Take turns sitting on the antique lounge or industrial-inspired fold out sofa, or in the tub chairs to watch the light rays travel across restored cypress pine floor boards. A gamut of colours in the lead light windows delight as the day unfolds.

The Ark Coolamon_

The nave, the central and principal part of a Christian church where the
congregation sits, results in the uninterrupted expanse of the living area.

The term nave derives from the Mediaeval Latin navis, meaning “ship”. ‘It has been suggested that Nave may have been chosen to designate the main body of the building as the ship had been adopted as a symbol of the church’.

The shape of the vaulted ceiling in the church resembles an upturned hull, this led us to purchase the wooden rowing boat (suspended from the high ceiling) which was the inspiration for naming the accommodation The Ark and our styling choices.

The Ark Coolamon vintage stair
Zoomed image of a figurine

Stainless steel benchtops flank the stunning Falcon stove, which is the focal point of the space, and industrial kitchen furnishings interplay with the antique dining table and chairs, restored kitchen dresser and meat safe.


The dresser houses glassware, crockery, cutlery, cooking and beverage resources. You can enjoy antique or contemporary options. The meat safe contains pantry staples, including seasonings and condiments, which are grown and made by your hosts; extras to dress your table and protect the furniture. Recipe books to inspire, should you feel inclined.

The Ark Coolamon- fresh produce

A small amount of essential products are stored in the fridge. Appliances are present for your convenience. Down lights and white lining boards further emphasise the industrial feel.

vintage chess board and table

In the centre of the living space is a restored desk, its former use was in a school staff room, now given a new purpose.

side table
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To the north of centre, seek repose on the lounge and contemplate the mastery of the ceiling, or sink into either of the accompanying tub chairs with a cuppa or beverage and peruse the books and magazines positioned throughout. Your other option is to surround yourself with a cluster of handmade cushions and drift off. A smart television allows you multiple viewing choices.

The Art Deco pendants above the living space, stairs and corridor
are decorative providing ambience.

Enter the south west vestibule to discover a restored cast iron claw foot bath awaiting you. Hints of comfort await with underfloor heating and heated towel rack to hopefully entice you to indulge all year round. A spine wall allows the option of either shower or bath, or both. A cast iron Roselle hand basin, period styled toilet and hardware were selected to encapsulate luxury and history. Sustainable personal care products sit on the repurposed shelves to nourish you.

The Ark Coolamon- bathtub table with flowers
The Ark Coolamon- bathtub

Climb the Tasmanian Ash stairs to the mezzanine and find comfort in a queen bed covered with French Linen sheets and duvet.

The Ark Coolamon- Nouveau bedhead

A hand forged Art Nouveau bedhead is centred between a pair of Tudor influenced antique bedside tables. Again, there is a marriage of antique and contemporary styles in the light fittings installed chosen to light the space. Wake up and marvel at the beauty of the northern windows and wooden ceiling. A toilet, restored vanity and generous walk in robe cater to your needs.

walk in robe

Should you wish to enjoy a beverage or dine al fresco, there is the option of a courtyard to the right of the entrance. You are surrounded by Mediterranean colours, lawn and a raised garden brimming with perennials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets The Ark Coolamon Apart?

At The Ark Coolamon, we go beyond offering just a place to stay. We’ve transformed a historic church into a unique living space that combines old-world charm with modern amenities. The design features a vaulted ceiling that mimics the shape of an inverted ship’s hull, drawing inspiration from the term “nave,” which traditionally refers to the main area of a church.

How Have You Designed The Space?

Our space is an eclectic mix of antique and contemporary elements. The living area is spacious and features a Falcon stove as its centrepiece, surrounded by stainless steel benchtops. Our antique dining table and chairs add a touch of nostalgia, while the industrial kitchen furnishings offer a modern contrast. The wooden rowing boat suspended from the ceiling is not just a design element; it’s the inspiration behind our name, “The Ark.”

What Amenities Do You Offer?

At The Ark Coolamon, we’ve thoughtfully curated a selection of amenities to enhance your stay. In the kitchen, you’ll find modern appliances along with a complete set of glassware, crockery and essential pantry items. For your leisure, the living area is equipped with a smart television. The bathroom offers luxurious comforts such as underfloor heating and a heated towel rack. Additionally, we provide eco-friendly personal care products for all our guests.

What Can I Expect From Your Bathroom?

Our bathroom is designed to be your sanctuary of luxury and comfort. It features a restored cast iron claw foot bath, inviting you to indulge. You have the option of a shower or a bath or even both. The fixtures are period-styled, adding a touch of historical elegance and the underfloor heating and heated towel rack ensure year-round comfort.

Do You Have an Outdoor Space?

Yes, we do. Our courtyard acts as an outdoor continuation of the indoor living space. It’s designed in a Mediterranean style, complete with vibrant colours, a neatly kept lawn and a raised flowerbed filled with perennial plants. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or unwind with an evening beverage, the courtyard provides an ideal setting.

What Entertainment Options Are Available?

We offer a variety of indoor entertainment options. Our living area is equipped with a smart television and for chess enthusiasts, we have an imposing chess set inspired by the German poem “Reynard The Fox.” We also offer a curated selection of books and magazines for your reading pleasure.
The Ark Coolamon outside view
The Ark Coolamon- garden
The Ark Coolamon- fresh flowers