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In 2005, a succession of events led to a serendipitous encounter with two deconsecrated Methodist churches. Both the wooden and brick churches were for sale, and on one title!

Upon viewing them, it was love at first sight.

We soon took ownership of the dwellings and marvel daily at our surroundings, the craftsmanship and wealth of stories held within their walls.

The weatherboard church, which had an existing infrastructure from its time as both Sunday School and community hall, became our residence, and we have incorporated structural and cosmetic changes.

Empty buildings, especially historic buildings, need to be occupied, and this persuaded us to outsource the use of the second, brick church. Whilst the wooden church has remained our residence, the brick church has been used as a dance studio, and a venue for music concerts, art classes, intimate weddings and private dinners.

We welcomed the opportunity to convert the church utilising our respective passions and skills in hospitality, well-being and the creative arts to bring the concept of boutique accommodation to life.

The Ark is a manifestation of our vision to combine heritage and industrial elements without losing sight of the church’s origin and purpose. Collaboration with the building designer, engineer, heritage architect, tradespeople and local council has enabled The Ark to be realised.

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