Layers of history in coolamon find a new purpose.
A curated, restorative space of quietitude. A narrative unfolds as you move through The Ark.
The Ark has been designed with love and respect, highlighting existing features, details, rich textures, and objects of delight.

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The Ark Coolamon is luxury boutique accommodation situated in a restored historic church. With an overarching emphasis on luxury, comfort and design, the Ark Coolamon combines heritage and industrial aesthetics to provide a truly bespoke and elegant experience for all of our guests. The Ark, surrounded by ornamental cottage gardens and filled with hand-selected furniture creates unique character for this stunning property. The Ark Coolamon represents the epitome of boutique luxury. Upon walking through the lovingly restored and striking gothic arched doors, you will be transported into a world of true luxury – complete with stained glass windows, cypress pine floor boards and beautiful antique funishings.

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Our Coolamon accommodation is located in Coolamon Shire, an oasis of history and natural splendour lying hidden off the Olympic, Newell and Sturt Highways. Encompassing the best that central NSW has to offer, Coolamon Shire has something for everyone. From historic and beautiful towns, complete with inviting cafes, shops, unique signage as well as compelling museums and cultural precincts to hidden walking trails winding through some of the best natural scenery. Coolamon Shire has beautiful rolling hills, forests and quaint back roads to explore – the perfect place to escape to. This agriculturally rich area also provides an array of wonderful artisan goods provided by local producers and makers, sure to tempt anyone. This beautiful area is complimented by boutique accommodation as well as excellent modern services and facilities.

Choose a chair and watch the light play across the open space.

Once arriving at The Ark Coolamon, its easy to to get lost in its ethereal charms. Guests can sit back in one of our unique chairs and lounges to simply soak up the character and history oozing out of this heritage and stunning building. With the height of luxury and comfort influencing every design choice, all our guests will be spoiled for choice when choosing exactly where they want to lounge and watch the light of the stained glass windows dance across the open space.

Choose a chair and watch the light play across the open space.

unique chair and lounge

Indulge yourself in the luxury of our traditionally restored cast iron claw foot bath with the added extras to enhance your experience.

For a truly indulgent experience, guests can step into our meticulously restored historic iron clawfoot bath. This one of a kind heritage piece has been complemented with state of the art amenities, including decadent underfloor heating and heated towel racks – allowing our guests to feel comfortable all year round. Add in a cast iron Roselle hand basin and sustainable premium personal care products, Turkish linens and silk robes, a wonderfully luxurious and replenishing experience awaits.


Restored and converted to an iconic space.

The Ark Coolamon has been lovingly restored to seamlessly merge the best of historical and unique aesthetics with the comforts and luxuries of modern amenities and service. The gothic arches, stained glass windows, unique artwork, heritage furniture and vaulted ceilings will transport you to an ethereal and inviting world. The stunning character of this unique building has been perfectly complemented by the introduction of modern comforts and amenities. Enjoy this iconic space with its fully equipped industrial kitchen while cooking in the Falcon stove and sharing your menu across the antique dining table. Add stunning acoustics to the mix. A great way to nourish the soul.

Restored and converted to an iconic space.
ceiling fan
Textures and form are the key to this elegant building. The beauty of the materials is allowed to shine through – in wood, in steel, in silks, linens and flowers will have their place.
Our boutique accommodation in Coolamon is entirely tailored around the comforts of our guests. Our service is dedicated to our guests and providing them with a truly luxurious and unforgettable experience. A desire to maintain constant focus on design and comfort, means The Ark provides each and every guest with a bespoke and boutique stay that will be unlike any other. We constantly strive to share our passion and love for this beautiful property and region.
Merin and Phil

Meet your hosts

Merrin and Phil have a long history in the arts and a love of all things handmade and beautiful.
The Ark is a very personal manifestation of our vision to honour heritage, to identify layers, to tell stories and to evoke the senses.


What distinguishes The Ark Coolamon as a luxury boutique accommodation?

At The Ark Coolamon, we offer an unparalleled blend of heritage elegance and modern luxury. Nestled within a beautifully restored historic church, our accommodation is a sanctuary of style and comfort where every detail, from hand-selected furniture to ornamental gardens, is curated to create a unique and enchanting environment for our guests.

Can you describe the interiors and design aesthetics of The Ark Coolamon?

Our interiors are a celebration of history and artistry. Gothic arches, stained glass windows and antique furnishings adorn our spaces, creating a narrative of elegance and charm. Each element, from cypress pine floorboards to delightful objects, is thoughtfully integrated, enhancing the richness and texture of our guests’ experience.

What amenities does The Ark Coolamon provide for a luxurious stay?

We are dedicated to providing amenities that ensure our guests’ utmost comfort and indulgence. Our restored cast iron clawfoot bath, paired with modern luxuries such as underfloor heating and heated towel racks, offers a rejuvenating experience. Premium personal care products and exquisite linens further enhance our guests’ stay, ensuring a sense of warmth and luxury.

How does staying at The Ark Coolamon allow guests to connect with the local community and surroundings?

The Ark Coolamon is a gateway to the vibrant history and natural beauty of Coolamon Shire. We encourage our guests to explore the local cafes, shops, museums and cultural precincts, each echoing the area’s rich heritage. The surrounding landscapes, filled with rolling hills and lush forests, invite exploration and appreciation of the region’s natural splendour.

What atmosphere do you aim to create for guests staying at The Ark Coolamon?

Our aim is to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and elegance where guests can immerse themselves in the restorative energies of our space. The interplay of light through stained glass, the harmony of design elements and the embrace of luxurious amenities collectively contribute to an environment where guests can find solace and inspiration.

Could you tell us about the hosts and their vision for The Ark Coolamon?

Merrin and Phil, our hosts, bring a passion for arts and handmade beauty to The Ark. Their vision is a heartfelt tribute to heritage, storytelling and sensory experiences, ensuring our accommodation is not just a place to stay but a place where stories unfold and senses are evoked.

How do you ensure each guest has a bespoke and memorable experience?

At The Ark Coolamon, we are committed to offering a bespoke experience that resonates with elegance and uniqueness. Our dedication to design, comfort and guest satisfaction ensures that each stay is marked by luxury, warmth and a distinct sense of place that leaves a lasting impression on our guests.


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